Friday, January 16, 2009

Travel Trials

In September Jack & Georgia rented a vacation house on the Jersey Shore and invited their whole gang to join them for a week of relaxation. Yea!

On the first day Jack took the seven grand kids out seashell hunting and fell on some boulders. Paramedics pulled him out and took him to the ER. The prognosis - a broken humorous bone and a dislocated shoulder. He was treated and released.

Two days after returning home he left to participate in the Pennsylvania - Delaware District Fall Missions Tour. While the Holy Spirit moved in all of the services, each day his pain grew worse.

When he returned home in December he learned that the docs did not check his rotary cup. As a result of three months of traveling the damage escalated. He was operated on December 9, and placed in a restrictive arm immobilizer (see photo).

Currently Jack is undergoing physical therapy, and catching up on a lot of overdue correspondence and reporting.

Your prayers are much appreciated!


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