Monday, August 07, 2006

Invite A Hungry Person to Dinner!

We believe God delights in blessing His people, and that He wants us to enjoy His gifts.

At the same time, He encourages us to be generous to the poor and needy, and to share our abundance with those who have nothing.

Being from the 'old school,' we regard going out to dinner as a luxury. When we visit our favorite restaurant we have decided to invite a poor person to dine with us. We take the average price of the meal / person dining, and donate that amount to the Global Food Project. 100% of funds donated to the GFP are used for the purchase of food for starving people overseas.

To donate to the Global Food Project, write your check to Convoy of Hope and mail it to Jack & Georgia Belin, 2325 Malvern Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901.

To donate on-line, go to, and key the icon "Donate Via Credit Card." You will find a drop-down menu to designate your offering to the Global Food Project.

Thanks for sharing of your abundance with a starving family overseas!